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Wish Upon A Rising Star Fashion Week
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Wish Upon A Rising Star Fashion Week provides new aspiring designers who have a dream and passion of becoming well known, the chance to get into the fashion industry. Many designers have the will power to design and create their own line, but no clue what to do once it is done. That is where Wish Upon A Rising Star comes in. 

January is our first online fashion show Wish Upon A Rising Star has done, and we plan to continue this in the years to come. We hope you find this new fashion show worth your time as well as help and encourage these designers launch to their first line if not more.

The location of the fashion show will be on the Wish Upon A Rising Star’s website at:
The dates of fashion week are January 12-15, 2011.


NOHE Fashions (Fashion Designer) – Heather, from Jacksonville, FL, has always been fascinated with the fashion industry and has been drawing sketches of designs since she was a young child. After having two children of her own she developed a passion for hair accessories, for both adults and children, and began to start her own unique collection of various headpieces. She makes custom, casual, and formal hair accessories for all occasions. Heather believes that accessories help an individual better express ones self, which enables her creative-drive to always have something new and exciting, launched. NOHE Fashions’ vision is to provide the red carpet look to everyday people.

White Haute Fashions (Jewelry Designer)- Veronique, from Jacksonville, FL, has always been inspired by eclectic artwork and unique jewelry pieces so it's no surprise she decided to launch an upscale jewelry boutique. “I'm always on the quest to find the bigger ring, the most over the top necklace and the most ostentatious bracelet for the shopper who dares to be different.” White Haute Fashions jewelry is stylish and affordable...“we want you to look like you spent a fortune BUT without breaking the bank.”
Julie Jennings Collection (Fashion Designer) – Julie, from Johns Creek, GA, has been drawing and painting from early childhood, beginning with oils, watercolor, colored pencil and airbrush. "My interest in textiles began when the sewing bug hit at the age of 10." It was not until her first encounter with dyes on silk that she has remained a student of silk painting. "A loaded brush full of the most intense color an artist can work with and watching it spread across the silk with one spontaneous action has captured my attention for over 25 years." Through the experience of textile design, she has developed all the techniques as a self-taught silk artist. From the use of the different resists; wax, gutta, dye thickener, shibori and treated silk, and the different weights and textures of the silk, there is no method undiscovered. She continues to push the limit of her skills both with textile design combines with clothing construction.

Pixie Wonders (Fashion Designer)
– Jackie, from Fort Rucker, AL,
started out painting and drawing when she was child that turned into a passion and emotional outlet as she got older.  “In high school almost all of my classes were some kind of art and design classes and my teacher encouraged thinking outside of the box and experimenting with just about everything.” She discovered that almost anything can be turned into a piece of artwork. She had hoped to continue with her artistic education at the Art Institute of Phoenix where she was accepted, but unfortunately unable to attend. “I have never stopped designing or creating art, but when my family started to grow I had less and less time for my outlet. My 3 beautiful daughters inspired me to start making them different creations and I soon branched out with my own business so I could continue to design, have an outlet and express my passion for all things artistic.” Each dress, tutu, costume and hair accessory she makes she considers a work of art and creates each one with a trained artists eye for originality. “When you see and wear one of my designs it’s my hope that you will enjoy adorning yourself with a walking piece of art.”

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